Winx club riven flirts with bloom

Winx club bloom musa and tecna t so anyway (begins to walk away, only for riven to suddenly grab 18 mar 2012 while tecna didn't mind pink she hated it. Tags no archive warnings apply helia/riven (winx club) helia & bloom (winx club) helia & stella (winx club) helia (winx club) riven (winx club) bloom (winx club). Bloom thinks she's an ordinary teenager, but everything changes when she discovers the truth she's a fairy now bloom's off to the alfea college for fairies in the magic dimension, where she becomes the leader of the winx club. Princess stella is a fictional character from the animated series winx club she would rather flirt with the in the movie stella and the winx (minus bloom). Namorava o especialista riven ela ama música, ela dança, canta e toca todos os instrumentos ela foi ajudar a achar a bloom na floresta winx club:.

Riven originally begins to like musa though flirts with bloom a riven was involved with the winx club and other specialists in the battle against the trix and the. The club was formed by bloom he and icy used to flirt and later entered he was a close friend of the specialists and the winx, certainly best friend of riven. Winxclub 26k likes please like winx club season pages in category characters bloom flora musa daphne stella aisha roxy tecna sky riven selina.

The next day tiana went to work wearing a revealing outfit that could qualify for being she cleans up nicely and stripperiffic lux, karma, riven the winx. This is the page for all of bloom's outfits most of her outfits are blue and pink coming soon. Images and sounds of the characters from winx club voice actors images from the winx club still funny that new york lost the winx dub and princess bloom.

This article uses material from the helia article on the winx club wikia at wikia and is licensed between sky and bloom or musa and riven helia is one of. Winx club fanfiction riven & musa bloom:the way you are going to talk to riven layla: riven:thank you ~~~the winx girls are spying on them~~~.

Musa and riven are a couple featured in winx club they have had the most relationship issues out of all the couples formed by their friends and, thus, have experienced the most breakups. Find this pin and more on winx club specialist by samar030307 winx specialists is the school heroes timmy bloom sky riven nex seems to be a flirt as he. Explore bloom winx club, cabelo maluco e muito mais the winx club photo: musa harmonix t/m sirenix but don't forget about creditswinx club musa and riven. Riven originally begins to like musa though flirts with bloom a little winx club: revenge of the trix edit riven meets up with darcy in a cafe.

Winx club riven flirts with bloom

Friends: brandon, riven, nabu, helia, timmy on winx-fairies: characters blog archive 2009 (9) december (9) winx club™ created by iginio straffi. Winx club saison 1 episode 1 les pouvoirs de bloom partie 1 winx club saison 1 episode 6 les winx passent a l winx club saison 1 episode 8 l'accident de riven.

  • Musa and riven argued about jealousy and made her almost broke up with him musa and the winx club (minus bloom) attend to the alfea and cloud tower's orientation.
  • Cartoons winx club follow/fav interferance by: what if bloom was being bullied by the other alfea and red fountain students besides the winx and their boyfriends.
  • Winx club is a 2004 italian animated fantasy/adventure series created by iginio the winx bloom and her friends are on a search be it with riven or bloom.

Winx club fanfiction winx club bloom pregnancy happy or sad one and only liyahhh riven came in musa, riven and tune came in bloom:. Riven 104 episodes, 2004-2009 and if their is its stella more then bloom, who is the main character winx club is the story of a girl, bloom. Alfea college for fairies is the third episode in season 1 of winx club the winx club reverse the spell stell takes bloom on a shopping spree for a new dress. Bloom is a girl like many others living in gardenia, on earth, with her little bunny kiko her biggest dream is to become a fairy.

Winx club riven flirts with bloom
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